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Critical Incident Onsite Services

At any time, we can experience an event that has the power to dramatically impact the emotional well-being of our employees and the stability of our organization. Workplaces impacted by natural or manmade disasters, robberies, accidents, death or threats of life, for example, will experience a disruption that if left unattended can cause delayed recovery for the employee, their family and even the organization itself. While it is normal for such reactions to occur, it sometimes can be very challenging to find the path to recovery and well-being.

KEPRO has the expertise and leadership in the field of onsite response and overall employee/organization recovery. Our dedicated team of trained professionals combined with our national network of responders will assist you from the first call, throughout the entire intervention, and post-intervention follow up to ensure both employees and the organization have been stabilized. All KEPRO personnel are trained in fostering resiliency, Critical Incident Stress Management and Psychological First Aid.

Each Critical Incident Response begins with a call to our 24/7, 365 days/year call center whereby a Masters level trained specialist will collect your information about the event and provide an immediate supportive response by first addressing any ongoing safety issues. Once safe locations for setting up the response have been identified, the specialist will assist in determining the best intervention, which can include any of the following:

  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing – This group includes five to 10 employees who have experienced an event in a similar manner either by proximity to the incident and/or actions taking during the event.
  • Individual Debriefing - This is a one to one intervention designed with Psychological First Aid and debriefing techniques, to offer comfort, encouragement and support to the employee in an effort to stabilize their reactions.
  • Corporate Briefing - This is designed for large groups of employees to provide information and resources about the nature of the event.
  • Bereavement Groups - This is a group of employees who are impacted by the loss of a fellow employee. The nature of the death may have been sudden, unusual or anticipated. The group helps facilitate the unique challenges of the grieving process within a work environment.
  • Onsite Support - A counselor is available onsite to provide support in a private area for informal contacts with any employee who is seeking such assistance.
  • Management Consultation - Consultation is available with the onsite specialist when there is concern for employees, and strategies to return the workforce to efficiency.

Each event has KEPRO Supervisory oversight throughout the intervention to make sure onsite services are meeting the needs of the customer and as events change, are available to offer continued intervention services.