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Legal and Financial Services

Family problems and daily living issues often include financial or legal components. Through the Employee Assistance Program, employees and their family members can be connected to professionals who will discuss concerns and provide suggestions. According to the American Bar Association, one out of every three adults has a need for legal and/or financial advice during the year. Legal and financial concerns can be stressful and costly and often result in lost work time. Statistics from employee assistance programs show legal issues as one of the top five reasons for contacting an EAP.

What Services are Available?

The legal and financial services provide up to 30 minutes of legal or financial consultation with an attorney or financial advisor at no cost or obligation. Employees and their family members may use these services for an unlimited number of separate legal or financial matters.

Services are available for a wide range of issues*, including:

Legal Services

  • Civil/Consumer issues

  • Personal/Family legal services

  • Business legal services

  • IRS matters

  • Real estate

  • Criminal matters

  • Estate planning

  • Financial planning

  *Exclusion: Employer related issues

Financial Services

  • Financial coaching
  • Credit counseling
  • Debt and budget assistance
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement planning
  • College planning
  • 401(k) review
  • Mortgage counseling

Legal Mediation Consultations

Employees and family members are entitled to one (1) initial 30-minute office or telephone consultation per separate legal matter at no cost with a network mediator. In the event the member wishes to continue with the mediator, they will receive a 25 percent rate reduction for the mediator's normal hourly rate. Typical matters may include divorce and custody issues, contractual and consumer disputes, real estate and landlord/tenant, car accidents and insurance disputes.

Identity Theft Prevention and Response

In the event of identity theft or fraud-related event, employees and their family members will receive a free consultation of up to 60 minutes with a highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialist (FRS) who helps with seven (7) emergency response activities.

In addition, our program:

  • Assists in restoring identity and good credit
  • Provides free "ID Theft Emergency Response Kit"
  • Assists with a dispute of the fraudulent debt
  • Counsels and provides a document on "Preventative Steps"
  • Provides legal referrals for a free consultation and a 25 percent rate reduction of standard or hourly rates