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Kepro's Online Resources Are Here To Help

Kepro offers you a one-stop resource, available when and where you need it. Whether you are dealing with a day-to-day question or a bigger-than-life issue, our online resources provide you and your family with tools and information to address life's pressing concerns.

Topics are organized under the following categories:

  • Aging: topics related to older adults and eldercare
  • Balancing: topics related to family, relationships, and personal growth
  • Living: topics related to everyday life and convenience
  • Parenting: topics related to childcare and parenting
  • Thriving: topics related to healthful living for all ages
  • Working: topics related to career development and workplace issues

Access to the website is anonymous, confidential, and secure. Explore it any time of the day, any day of the week, all from the comfort and privacy of your own personal device.

Features include:

  • Topical library including thousands of articles on a variety of topics
  • Health and Wellness content modules with articles, audio, and video files
  • On-demand monthly webinars
  • Self-search locators for child, academic, adoption, pet, and adult care resources
  • Legal and Financial Resources: including 40 financial calculators and numerous ready-to-use legal forms
  • A Discount Savings Center: a shopping program offering employees discounts and coupons for a variety of name-brand goods and services
  • Relocation Center: a collection of resources that allows users to learn about communities across the United States, providing vital statistics

Monthly features and information providing updates on a variety of mental health, physical health, social, and workplace related current events. If you are interested in a complete demonstration, please contact one of our Senior Account Executives listed on the contact page, and in the service area convenient for you.