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What was most valuable or helpful about this service?

"The positive approach taken in dealing with a situation and the follow-up. There was a great deal of empathy toward the situation."

"Discussing the situation regarding one of our employees and the alternatives was very helpful in clarifying the options, so I could advise my boss and she could advise her boss. EAP is one of several options presented to the employee, and it was very helpful to be able to give him a choice, with the pros and cons of each option."

"Being able to brainstorm to ensure that the correct approach was considered."

"The progress demonstrated in the employee has been great and very much needed."

"The most value to this service is positive impact and change to the employee's
attitude towards her job and life as a whole."

"The follow up by the EAP Consultant has been timely and appropriate. We were kept up to date regarding appointments being kept by the employee as well as progress of the meetings overall. The Consultant checked in to ask how the employee was doing at work, which tied the counseling she was receiving to her work performance."

"The EAP is an invaluable resource and wealth of information. They're always very helpful in increasing our understanding of addictions and the recovery process."

"There was a positive difference in the employee's attitude and behavior. The employee said he thought the counseling was beneficial to him."