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Management Services

Kepro provides various services for those in management and supervisory positions including leadership trainings and unlimited telephonic consultations. Through our dedicated 24/7 toll-free number, your managers, supervisors, and union leaders have access to Kepro's dedicated Management Services Team for unlimited telephonic consultation services. The Management Services Team are experienced clinicians with mastery in handling management consultations, informal, formal, and mandatory referrals, and services and requests for workplace support and debriefings.

Consultations help supervisors and managers to effectively deal with troubled employees, initiate a supervisory referral, and understand how to maintain a positive, productive work environment for their employees.

Kepro can provide guidance and coaching on:

  • Identifying problem employees (i.e., outbursts, tardiness, co-worker relationships, missed deadlines, absenteeism, low morale, complaints, etc.)
  • How to talk with an employee about work performance without focusing on personal problems
  • How to develop a constructive intervention
  • Confidentiality issues
  • Documentation of employee work performance issues
  • Defining the supervisor's role in the referral process
  • How to utilize the EAP during the referral process

Kepro has successfully supported organizations in exploring and resolving situations related to violence in the workplace, workplace trauma, critical event management, organizational downsizing or reduction in force, fostering employee morale and engagement, and the enhancement of workplace relationships. The successful facilitation of any organizational assessment and intervention process is achieved through sustained communication and collaboration with company leadership and key personnel.

Kepro tailors each intervention to the customers’ needs using a variety of clinical, organizational, and consultative interventions to achieve the desired outcome. Interventions are always developed and administered with an understanding of the organization's applicable policies, procedures, and culture.