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Absence Management

Employers need a partner with the knowledge and experience to assess and positively impact the cost of employee absence in the workplace. Kepro has been helping employers and employees through our Absence Management Programs for nearly two decades. Our program reduces absence-related costs and improves overall workforce health and productivity.

FMLA Management and Reporting

Our clinical staff has expert knowledge of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) laws and regulations on state-specific and federal policies. Inappropriate administration of FMLA carries a high risk of legal liability, including lost productivity and resentment by co-workers. Most employers who attempt to administer FMLA internally experience tremendous difficulty maintaining compliance, identifying FMLA qualifying absences and monitoring leave activities.

We offer:

  • Single point of contact for all leave notification
  • Simplified leave tracking and reporting
  • Centralized and consistent FMLA Management and Administration
  • Ability to proactively respond to absence trends
  • Federal and state compliance
  • Seamless integration with an employer’s Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Management Programs
  • Coordination with the employers other health care vendors

Short Term Disability

Effective disability management involves a comprehensive assessment of both medical and behavioral health factors. While disability often emanates from a physical problem, duration and severity is usually governed jointly by medical and behavioral health processes. Our disability management team focuses on increasing employee's productivity, facilitating their timely recovery, while helping to reduce disability costs.

  • Assessment and case planning
  • Active intervention
  • Return to work coordination
  • Follow up and case closure

Absence Tracking and Reporting

Employees are absent for a variety of reasons. Using our sophisticated tracking program, Kepro provides employers with detailed absence management tracking and reporting. We analyze absence trends for an employer's population and provide recommendations on programs the employer may want to consider implementing to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.